Aircraft industry

Long-life aircraft components thanks to sawing which fits exactly

Take off with Rohbimax AG precision saws

When one takes an airplane on holiday, one trusts that the aircraft can withstand high-altitude weather, and that it will arrive safely at its destination. Therefore, aircraft construction, as with the entire transport industry, relies on small parts produced with high precision. All the technical components together provide a high-performance system and assure stability and good aircraft aerodynamics.

Rohbimax AG

Metal is one of the most important materials in aircraft manufacturing

Aircrafts used to be made completely of wood, partially of plastic, or metal construction. The component used most often today is, however, still metal. It is stable, very heat- and cold-resistant and low-maintenance. Did you know that the pipes must be precisely cut to hundredths of a millimetre? Rohbimax AG is the right contact for you, as our machines can saw precisely to 0.02 mm. Rely on our quality – it’s worth it.

Precisely saw small and large parts

Rohbimax AG offers its customers the ideal opportunity to saw close-fitting parts for aircraft production, thanks to the RKA and the KTC NF/F series. The RKA is our classic precision circular saw with which one can cut solid material, pipes or profiles made of nearly all common materials. The machine can cut entire pipe bundles and can cut the smallest diameter (0.6 to 50 mm). For larger profiles, pipes and materials, the automated high-production circular sawing machine is suitable for metals and non-ferrous metals.

Thanks to our sawing machines, our customers saw close-fitting and low-burr components which can be directly used to manufacture aircraft with nearly no post-processing. Examples of aircraft components which are sawn by our sawing machines are:

  • Small parts
  • Fuel lines
  • Turbo blades

Our references

Large manufacturers such as Aviatube, Tubesales and Dassault have relied on the high quality of our machines for years; they use them to saw many components for aircraft manufacture. They benefit from our large network as well as our personal and broad customer support.