We help you to construct stable, high-quality furniture

Rohbimax AG

Our automated sawing machines offer variety

The individual components of furniture must be exactly cut and processed so that they are stable and provide the best functionality. Our low-burr and burr-free saws save a great deal of time, which helps reduce further processing steps. Examples of products made from Rohbi Tech saw blanks include:

  • Locks and hinges,
  • Tube and rod systems for steel tube furniture,
  • Hospital beds,
  • Wheelchairs,
  • Curtain rails, closet rods,
  • Guide frames for drawers and sliding doors,
  • Drawer handles,
  • Bathroom fixtures,
  • Shower rods,
  • bookshelves,
  • Storage racks
  • and spacer sleeves for furniture wheels.

Our references

The large manufacturers Orthopedia Kiel, Grohe Germany, Everplast, Messingwerke Plettenberg and others rely for their daily production on the precise machines from Rohbi Tech AG.