Auto bar feeders

Automate your sawing process with an auto bar feeder

Rohbimax accessories for more-efficient and smoother production

Whether you use a vertical or horizontal auto bar feeder, it can increase production, saw precisely and save costs. The machine can saw independently for hours; you need significantly less labour. If you must task an employee to continuously place raw materials, he can provide automatic feeding to several machines. An auto bar feeder is suitable for individual pipes as well as for bundles and can be individually set up for customer needs. We would be glad to discuss your requirements for your auto bar feeder and can work together with you to implement your ideas.

Rohbimax AG

Horizontal and vertical auto bar feeders

Rohbimax offers two different auto bar feeders which meet different needs: a horizontal and a vertical auto bar feeder. The vertical version saves space in comparison to the horizontal auto bar feeder but is less flexible. Tappets and grippers in the vertical feeder are difficult to adjust to bars. The height is adjusted for the tappet in the more-flexible horizontal auto bar feeder. A decisive criterion for selecting the right feeder is the flexibility needed for production.

Standard auto bar feeder and custom solutions at Rohbimax

Our standard auto bar feeders accommodate lengths of 3 and 6 metres. The minimum length for an auto bar feeder is 2 m, as a shorter loading surface has no effective benefit for automating the sawing process, and the transfer of material from the auto bar feeder to the saw must be ensured. In addition to our standard versions, we can adapt the bar feeder or the tappet, gripper and roll to the material, the shape and the diameter which the automated sawing machine requires for processing. If needed, Rohbimax AG can build, for example, two parallel grippers for different products. Basically, the auto bar feeder can process pipes with diameters of 5 to 50 mm, but here we can say: Nothing’s impossible. We have already designed and optimised auto bar feeders which can feed pipes with a diameter of 3 mm.