High speed spindle

High speed spindle for greater performance from cutting tools

Relieve the machine spindle

Would you like to equip your sawing machine and increase its efficiency? A high speed spindle is an interesting addition to your automated sawing machines if the RPMs of the machine and the resulting cutting speeds are insufficient for your processing. A high speed spindle can also assist you in cutting more quickly, which saves you valuable time while increasing productivity. As an alternative, we can offer you a robust geared spindle which can be custom-adapted to your semi-finished goods.

Rohbimax AG

High speed spindle versus geared spindle

The difference between a high speed spindle and a geared spindle is primarily stability, torque and the RPM level, so that different cutting speeds can be available for different component dimensions.
The geared spindle is characterised above all by its high stability and long service life, as the housing is milled from one piece. Depending upon the rod material, we can recommend a one-, two- or three-speed gear for which different RPMs are possible. If the needed RPMs are under 300, the geared spindle is suited to your sawing processes. However, our geared spindles with servomotors can reach from 20 to 630 RPMs.
The high speed spindle, in contrast, has less force, but reaches significantly higher speeds. Depending upon the diameter of the circular sawblade, the cutting speed can range between 300 and 4500 RPM. The high speed spindle wears more quickly but has a service life of at least 4000 hours of full use.

High speed spindles and further replacement parts

Should you want to replace a geared or high speed spindle, or a new belt is needed, we’re there to handle your needs. Rohbimax has a large spare parts warehouse for its RKA models. We can deliver individual parts quickly. Of course, we can help you in the maintenance of your automated sawing machines, conduct repairs and answer your questions. Consult with us on your optimal sawing results, and about geared and high speed spindles.