Rough or fine sawing using precision automated sawing machines from Rohbimax

Rohbimax AG

Automated sawing machines for steelworks

Steelworks are frequently suppliers to many other industries. In addition to rough cuts, fine cuts are required in many cases. Rohbimax’s automated sawing machines meet these requirements exactly. Low-burr and burr-free sawing can often save a further processing step. One can saw, for example:

  • Rods, pipes and profiles made of steel and stainless steel
  • as well as profile sections made of iron and non-ferrous metals such as chrome-nickel steel, copper, brass, aluminium or titanium.

Our references

You will also find Rohbimax production machines at these manufacturers: Benteler, Thyssen-Krupp, Röhrenlager Mannheim, Schmolz + Bickenbach, Sauter Edelstahl, Brütsch-Rüegger, Tecnofar, Le Guellec and Minitubes.