Carbide-tipped disposable circular sawblades

Carbide-tipped disposable circular sawblade for rough sawing

The solution between solid carbide and HSS sawblades

In addition to solid carbide and HSS sawblades, Rohbimax AG also offers circular sawblades with carbide tips. Carbide-tipped sawblades offer a middle solution between the other two products in relation to quality, properties and possible areas of use. In particular, when you compare sawing results, you can see that disposable sawblades create significantly less-precise blanks than other blades, as the teeth are less regular. Thus, the blade and the cut are not constantly even. For industries in which precision is not the top concern, this sawblade is used for its medium endurance, which is between those made of HSS and solid carbide and offers about two-thirds the endurance of a solid carbide sawblade.

Rohbimax AG

Technical specifications for our carbide-tipped sawblades

We offer carbide-tipped disposable circular sawblades with diameters of 250 to 360 mm. Due to their thickness of 2 to 2.6 mm, these sawblades are not suitable for precision sawing. Rather, they are used for rough sawing with KTC machines. Do you have questions about our sawblades or sawing machines? Rohbimax AG is your skilled and professional contact.

Areas of use for carbide-tipped sawblades

Circular sawblades with carbide tips are operated at very high speeds. Jobs can be done quickly. This is particularly useful for steel producers, who can cut large volumes within a very short period of time, then prepare them for transport. They are not suitable for precision sawing due to their thickness and low stability. Material losses are very high and the cuts are not perfect. In addition, a carbide-tipped disposable circular sawblade must always be replaced and is therefore unsuitable for large jobs. If you need sawing results which are precise to the last hundredth of a millimetre, you’ll find the RKA Rohbimax automated sawing machine to be the right choice. We would be happy to provide you with personal advice. Don't hesitate to contact us.