Contract sawmill

Contract sawmills: Test Rohbimax machines and let contracts

Contract sawmills to acquire new automated sawing machines from Rohbimax

Are you looking for high-quality, precise automated sawing machines? You're in good hands with Rohbimax AG in Schwarzenbach, Switzerland. As the global leader in high-performance precision saws, we know whereof we speak. Convince yourself of the performance and precision of our machines and give your blanks to our contract sawmill. We will either show you at our facility in Schwarzenbach how the machines function, and the enormous benefits you’ll accrue compared to conventional saws. Or, we can visit you at your company and show you on-site how our automated sawing machines deliver high performance and gentle material handling.

Rohbimax AG

Contract sawmills for production bottlenecks

Have you received so many orders that you might not have enough machines to do all your work? No problem. Whether large or small orders, we will take all your orders for contract work, either at our facility in Schwarzenbach, or in your operation. If you saw the blanks yourself, we’ll professionally train your staff so that you can confidently work with automated machines. We will of course have a skilled person at your side during the entire process.

Rohbimax's customers as contract sawmills

If our company is not near you, then we can introduce you to one of our customers with whom you can contract sawmill services. You benefit from our large network, and always have a contact near you. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our introduction system.

Maintenance and repair

Of course, Rohbimax AG is available to you after the sale and installation of your sawing machines for technical information, maintenance work and repairs. Our spare parts delivery service can be at your site in urgent cases within 48 hours and repair the machine in a professional and reliable manner. If you have experts in your operation, you can of course install the individual parts yourself, and we’ll only deliver the spare parts you’ll need.