Automobile industry

Vehicle parts: Made-to-measure production using Rohbimax sawing machines

Precisely and gently cut very small-diameter tubes

Our precision saws are loved in the automobile industry. They cut not only precisely, but also with few burrs. Thus, many parts can be directly used to manufacture vehicle components without post-processing. We introduced the RKA 90 series at the end of 2016. It is a flexible system which is optimally suited to saw pipe diameters from 0.6 to 60 or even 70 mm. The machine is made for production of the smallest functional elements which are used for smooth operation in a vehicle.

Rohbimax AG

Outstanding saw precision and long sawblade service life

When manufacturing autos, all individual parts must exactly fulfil the requirements and dimensions given by the manufacturer, otherwise they don't fit together seamlessly. This can lead to malfunctions. To avoid drivers bringing their autos back to the shop, complaining and questioning the image of the automobile manufacture due to manufacturing problems, suppliers rely on the precision saws from Rohbimax AG. Our saws are known world-wide for precision sawing at a tolerance down to 0.02 mm, and are gentle to the sawblades, even at peak performance. This assures long running times for machines and sawblades, which makes us an irreplaceable and reliable partner for automobile manufacturing.


Saw vehicle tubes with Rohbimax sawing machines

Our sawing machines specialise in the exact sawing of various pipes which are needed to produce the following vehicle parts and components:

  • Brake lines
  • Antennae
  • Cooling pipes and profiles
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Seat belt tensioners
  • Fuel lines
  • Exhaust coolers
  • Injector nozzles

Our references

Our RKA sawing machines are used by suppliers to well-known manufacturers, including Mercedes, Opel, Ford, GM, Volvo, Liebherr, Linde, Mannesmann, Benteler and Röhrenlager. Our customers have benefited for decades from individual and complete consulting discussions, saw machine systems designed for customers’ specific needs, and our thorough knowledge of precision sawing. Call us directly to set up an appointment.