Household appliances

Precision sawing for various household helpers

Rohbimax AG

Achieve the highest quality standards with Rohbimax

In order to ensure that household appliances perform properly, it’s extremely important that all pipes and lines are manufactured in a high-quality fashion and that they are sealed. Otherwise, water could run into the rest of the machine and destroy it. That’s why it makes sense to count on Rohbimax’s proven automated sawing machines. They are able to saw with 0.02 mm precision. Our machines can be used in many components, including:

  • Water and steam lines for coffee machines, dishwashers, washing machines and tumble driers,
  • Pipes to manufacture heating and cooling elements, such as for ovens, water boilers, etc.,
  • Pipes to manufacture heat exchangers,
  • Pipes for vacuum cleaners
  • and other semi-finished products for which highly-precise and low-burr to burr-free manufacturing is required.

Our references

Siemens, AEG, Bosch, Elektrolux, EGO and Weishaupt – They trust high-quality Rohbimax automated machines.