Strong Rohbimax AG partners

We work together with reliable partners who ensure that we meet high performance standards. They have the same high quality demands that are our standards. We work with a broad network of partners who possess skill, know-how and experience. Thanks to this collaboration, we can broaden our offerings, ensure high quality, and bring synergies for the benefit of our customers.

We have trusting collaborations with the following partners:

Beni Burtscher AG
Niederstettenstrasse 15
9536 Schwarzenbach SG

Atacom Engineering AG
Bischofszellerstrasse 72A
9200 Gossau

Högger Systems AG
Glatthaldestrasse 17
9230 Flawil

ERAR Pulverbeschichtungen
Fischingerstrasse 66
8370 Sirnach

PTV Ostschweiz
Produktions- und
9000 St. Gallen