Electrical industry

Produce clever connectors and insulators

Rohbimax AG

Saw filigree components with Rohbimax machines

Plugs, terminal rails, switch contacts or sleeves require the highest precision. If the semi-finished product is already sawed low-burr or burr-free, the laborious process of post-production can be avoided. That is why many manufacturers in the electrical industry use Rohbimax automated machines. Rohbimax saws give them the ability, for example, to manufacture the following blanks:

  • Crimp sleeves and cable-end sleeves,
  • Cable guides,
  • Switching and toggle contacts (silver with carbon for spark-free switching),
  • Angle connectors,
  • Contact rails,
  • Construction of switching cabinets, Frame and terminal rails,
  • Terminals,
  • Plugs,
  • Copper frames,
  • Silver protective contacts
  • as well as plug blanks.

Our references

Large companies including Siemens, Bosch, Phoenix, Vogt, Fischer Electronics, Umicore, Metalor and Fuda are our steady customers and rely daily on our saws.